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Our Management Team

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Martyn Dodd, Principal of EnergySoft is a nationally recognized industry expert in residential and commercial energy analysis with over 35 years of experience. He has written software programs used in California for Title 24 energy code compliance including EnergyPro, COMPLY 24, and the California Energy Commission’s Perform software. He is also one of the original authors of the 1992 Non-residential Alternative Calculation Method Manual, which defines the rules for code compliance software and has become the model for national and international code compliance software procedures. Martyn created one of the first 45L tax credit software programs in 2006. 

Martyn Dodd


Francene began her career in the commercial and residential construction industry in 2004 with the energy consulting firm ConSol. She worked with home builders of every size, from startups to Top 100 national builders, as a consultant on the latest energy efficient technologies and programs including EnergyStar and Zero Net Energy Homes. As the Director of Sales for CHEERS, a California HERS Registry, she served as the lead adviser to builders and Raters throughout the U.S. on 45L Tax Credit guidelines, software, and certification processes.

Francene DuPre


Before moving into the Energy Efficiency industry, David spent 13 years honing his operational and financial skills at Oracle, Netscape, and Palm. In 2005, he joined the energy consulting firm ConSol and quickly transitioned into an executive leadership role within 2 years.  As the company’s COO, he leveraged his management expertise to streamline operations, optimize staff performance, and drive revenue growth across all company service lines.  David has over 10 years of experience in the management of 45L Tax Credit software licensing/modeling, field verification, and certification services.

David Meyers

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