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Our services are designed to help you navigate 

the 45L certification process with confidence 

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EnergyPro Software and Support 

EnergySoft, a leading energy analysis firm established in 1983, developed one of the first 45L software programs in 2005. EnergyPro 45L software is available to RESNET and CEC certified Raters with no upfront cost.

Click the green button below or contact Francene DuPre at (209) 351-5576 or to request EnergyPro.

Free 45L Tax Credit Reviews


Whether you are a Rater or a home builder contact us and we will model your plans in EnergyPro 45L software to see if your homes qualify. We just need:

  • A PDF set of architectural plans and the EnergySoft Energy Features Sheet (click link below)                       


  • Energy modeling file 

Contact Francene DuPre at (209) 351-5576, to discuss your projects.

Rater Services


For 17 years EnergyPro 45L software has been the cornerstone of quality for Raters to qualify home builders for the $2,000 per home 45L tax credit. We can assist you in bringing this opportunity to your clients by providing you with additional services, including EnergyPro energy modeling. Our team of experts can provide you with the services you need to certify homes. Contact Francene DuPre at (209) 351-5576 to discuss your projects.

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