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  • Do I receive a desktop version of the software or is this a web-based software?
    You will receive the complete desktop software program of which there are many advantages including: 1. Ownership: ​​​​You possess the software which allows you to have full control. This provides you and your builders with consistency in 45L reporting. Only you have access to and own all software outputs including the PDF 45L energy reports and most importantly the building design file which you can access, review and modify at any time. 2. Privacy: All data remains with the user. This allows you to protect the private and confidential information that belongs to you and your builders. 3. Reliability: An internet connection is not needed so there is no chance of downtime if a connection is lost.
  • Do I need 1 license per user?
    No, your EnergySoft 45L license is tied to your company. You can have multiple people in your company use the same software download.
  • Do I need to register the 45L CF-1R energy reports, and will I be charged a fee?
    No. The EnergySoft 45L fee applies only when EnergySoft produces 45L certificates for qualified dwelling units.
  • How do I get a copy of EnergyPro 45L software and is there a fee?
    Complete the form below or contact Francene DuPre, 209.351.5576. The software is available to HERS Raters with no upfront cost.
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